We provide to you on inventory management system: On accountants often discuss inventory in terms of goods for sale, organizations - manufacturers, service-providers and not-for-profits - also have inventories (fixtures, furniture, supplies, etc.) that they do not intend to sell. Manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers inventory tends to cluster in warehouses. Retailers inventory may exist in a warehouse or in a shop or store accessible to customers.

While the reasons for holding stock were covered earlier, most manufacturing organizations usually divide their "goods for sale" inventory into:

  • Create Company
  • Mange Product and Category
  • Manage Supplier and Party
  • Manage Supplier rate and Party Rates
  • Product Opening stock
  • Purchase and Purchase Return
  • Sales and Sales Return
  • Manage Scrap
  • Stock Report
  • Party and Supplier Billing
  • Party and Supplier Payment
  • Balance Report
  • Daily Opening and Closing Balance
  • Less Stock alerts
  • SMS alerts
  • Daily MIS Alerts
  • Variety of Reports